Electra #7 – Animals


Electra is an international periodical dedicated to all areas of culture, promoting dialogue between different artistic disciplines, humanistic knowledge and science, cultural theories and practices.


This edition’s press file focuses on the topic of “Animals” – which rights, limits and duties do we owe them? The “animal issue” has emerged as one of the great banners of contemporary society. Sociologist Alessandro Dal Lago follows the history of the indifference of philosophers towards the animal world; philosopher Vinciane Despret analyses the behaviour of birds and their political and imaginary analogies; philosopher Boyan Manchev discusses ecopolitics and animal politics; professor of neurology Massimo Filippi explores the divide between Human and Animal.

In the section “Diagonal”, the cult of heritage and the way it is used politically is discussed apropos of the partial destruction of the Notre-Dame cathedral, in a series of essays illustrated by images by photographer André Cepeda.

The story of the Marquise Casati – muse, patron, worldly figure –, who turned her life into a work of art, defined trends and predicted the artistic and cultural attitudes of the 20th and 21st centuries, is told by José Manuel dos Santos in the section “Figure”.

Hisham Mayet, filmmaker, researcher and founder of the record label Sublime Frequencies, is interviewed by photographers and editors André Príncipe and José Pedro Cortes, who run through the narrative with a visual essay.

This issue’s portfolio is by Dutch artist Magali Reus. It was specifically designed for Electra and it marks her first incursion into photography.

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