Electra #6 – Money


Electra is an international periodical dedicated to all areas of culture, promoting dialogue between different artistic disciplines, humanistic knowledge and science, cultural theories and practices.


This edition of Electra is one of the most diverse, in themes and authors of great international recognition.

A portfolio of artist and writer Edmund de Waal, also author of the cover of this issue, presents images and texts about his exhibition in Venice during the 2019 Biennial of Art. In addition, an unpublished sketchbook by Architect Siza Vieira, with a visual diary of your trip to Peru.

The magazine dossier is about Money. Because, as it is said in his presentation the power of money is everywhere, and everything determines, it is the last shaman we can invoke in this completely secularized world. Thus the philosopher Yves Citton speaks of the volatilization of money; Christophe Hanna links money to writing; Maurizio Lazzarato writes about money, debt and war; José Gabriel Pereira Bastos translates money by means of Anthropology and Psychoanalysis; António Vieira discusses the essay by Pierre Klossowki, A Moeda Viva; Margarida Abreu writes about the functioning of the monetary and financial system; the philosopher Anselm Jappe asks if the money can lead to madness and Nathalie Quintane travels the territory of contemporary art, its market and institutions.

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