Electra #5


Electra is an international periodical dedicated to all areas of culture, promoting dialogue between different artistic disciplines, humanistic knowledge and science, cultural theories and practices.


Youth – the eternal and ephemeral – is the focus of Electra’s fifth issue. Presenting this topic it is said that “the very high share that the idea of ​​youth holds in the aesthetic-social considering does not correspond to the real situation of young people who, on the one hand, are in some respects a dilapidated generation and, on the other, the only they able to keep up with the voracity of times.”

Contributors to this file are the English journalist Jon Savage writing the history of youth culture, the Italian philosopher Remo Bodei (on generational fracture), Vinícius Nicastro Honesko (on Pier Paolo Pasolini and the young students of the 1968 revolts), José Bragança de Miranda (on the mythologies  and representations of youth and old age), among others.

The interviewed is the historian and art critic, Elisabeth Lebovici, author of important studies on contemporary artists and the book: Ce que le sida m’a fait(Pierre Daix Prize) that testifies to the effect of AIDS in the field of arts and activism against the way institutions have dealt with the disease, central themes of this interview.

In this edition, Professor and essayist Jeremy Gilbert, comments on a provocative quotation from Friedrich Nietzsche; the French writer and philosopher Michel Erman tells us about Marcel Proust’s relation with money; the architect and curator André Tavares approaches the rehabilitation and destruction on Lisbon and Porto city centers; and the philosopher Yves Michaud writes about the word “concept”.

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