Electra #16


Electra is an international periodical dedicated to all areas of culture, promoting dialogue between different artistic disciplines, humanistic knowledge and science, cultural theories and practices.


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Identity(ies) is one of the great political issues of our time and identity claims related to gender, sexuality, ‘race’, ethnicity, culture and nationality are today the center of debate in public space. Addressed by Olivia Rosenthal, Félix Duque, Frédéric Neyrat, Diogo Ramada Curto, Éric Marty, Nathalie Heinich, Francisco Bethencourt and António Guerreiro in the Electra 16 dossier. Also in this edition, Catherine Malabou speaks ‘In The First Person’, the journey that culminated in her new book on the political idea of anarchism and the concept of plasticity; Antonia Gaeta presents Jorge Queiroz portfolio «Archimedes Bath» made to measure for the magazine; Indian writer and photographer Mayank Austen Soofi takes us on a journey through Old Delhi or the Walled City in ‘View of Delft’; and in the new «Planisohere» section, Pedro Gomes and Diogo Simões visit the creators and places of Creole Rap.

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