Egoísta Special – Time Suspended


Property of Estoril-Sol, Egoísta, serenely avant-garde, has asserted itself within the national and international publishing market as a cult object – differentiated and original. Egoísta is not an ordinary, commercial magazine, it is synonymous with contemporaneity and its themes promote reflection and thinking. See if you can catch it.

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Egoísta Special Edition – Time Suspended

We have experienced a unique and unexpected year. Time was suspended for a number of reasons. We were forced to review our priorities, our affections, the way we made our days, what we imagined the future to be.

Egoísta is a reflection of this time, it is a special edition made up of unique and diversified collaborations, providing a kind of chronicle of the times, a report of this suspension that has affected Humanity.

Mário Assis Ferreira is responsible for the magazine’s editorial, as usual. He explores the idea of time as a traitor and asks himself who we were, who we are, what is left for us to become again.

Daniel Blaufuks interprets time through a poetic portfolio within the scope of his work.

Teolinda Gersão presents us with a tale about disorder, animals, and plants, the path we tread.

Raquel Serejo Martins is our poet for this special edition.

João Porfírio reminds us of the impact of death, the reinterpreted and restricted rituals that Covid-19 forced us to redesign.

João de Melo writes about the way the human being “escaped from our eyes”.

We present a painting portfolio by Paulo Damião under a humanistic inspiration.

In a fictional narrative Bruno Vieira Amaral reflects upon the way a man understands dead time, and the way he writes life.

Catarina Branco exhibits her three-dimensional and mysterious pieces.
Francisco Zenha Preto, in a poetic note, takes possession of time and asks for some more.

Finally, we publish a short story by the most Portuguese of all Italian writers, Antonio Tabucchi.

"And suddenly, at the beginning of life" is the title of Teresa Freitas' illustration portfolio.

Salvador Sobral writes us about suspension in music.

This special edition is available now. See if you can get it.

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