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DRAWN is a magazine about the sea as a source of inspiration. Featuring stories of creativity and lifestyles inspired by the sea, it believes that the sea can trigger the human imagination, and take us to places we never knew. It believes that the mind has infinite power, just like the boundless sea.

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DRAWN#1: The Infinite Sea

The sea has no boundaries. It moves however it wants and goes wherever it desires. It twists and turns freely into any shape, and challenges the mightiest rock without fear. In our first issue, we look at how the infinite nature of the sea inspires different perspectives in living, creativity and perception. These stories offer a glimpse into the transformative powers of the sea, and the possibilities that come with it.


Katarína Poliačiková shares how the ocean affects her emotional well-being as she experiences and learns the ocean at Praia Das Avencas.

Reborn by the Sea
In “Reborn by the Sea”, Yanagisawa Takafumi discovers hope when he sees an ordinary seascape view through a window in an abandoned warehouse, which led him to rebuild his design practice there and ultimately expand it into a seaside cafe called “umie”.

Finding Paradise
Ken Buslay experiences the possibilities of living by the sea on a beach in India with only the bare necessities in “Finding Paradise”.

The Pearler’s Life
When Dominic Hall saw a job advertisement for a cook on a pearling vessel, he knew this was the perfect opportunity. He shares his adventures aboard the Nalena Bay and how his experiences at sea sent him on a new trajectory in life.

In Dialogue with the Ocean
After a near death experience while surfing, Peter Matthews began drawing directly in the ocean, surrendering his body and his artwork to the infinite power of the ocean. He shares the thoughts and processes behind his artwork in “In Dialogue with the Ocean”.

Facing the Sea
In “Facing the Sea”, Mitsuyuki Shibata shares his experiences of confronting the sea over the years, first as a surfer, and then later on with his camera lens as a photographer, capturing the beauty of the sea before sunrise and after sunset.

Sailing with Artists
Tonian Irving and Cortney Andrews share their experience running Offshore Residency, a program that lets artists live, work and travel together on a sailboat, in “Sailing with Artists”.

La Marée
During a creative hiatus, Julie Pang flew to Bali to spend time by the sea. There, she made peace with the flow of her creativity, and gave birth to the jewelry series, La Marée.

Breathing Between Art and the Sea
How does the sea affect the way we look at art? We take a look at art pieces and festivals in Japan that have incorporated the sea as part of the viewing experience and how they form a synergy between nature and art.

One with the Sea
What happens when you stare at the ocean flowing endlessly in the darkness? We uncover the thinking behind teamLab’s hypnotising installation, Black Waves, and how it rekindles our relationship with the natural world, in “One with the Sea”.

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