Disegno #29


A magazine dedicated to in-depth and independent reporting on architecture, design and fashion. Containing unique and insightful content, the magazine aims to generate debate, inform, entertain and inspire, bringing thoughtful analysis of current events to a design-interested audience.

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A meeting with Marjan van Aubel to discuss the establishment of a solar democracy; a look at the multi-faith history of Mosul and Unesco’s effort to restore it through architecture; a discussion about the sustainability of foam upholstery with Daniel SchofieldStefan DiezCatherine Aitken and company; a celebration of IIttala’s magical glassworks with Ville Kokkonen and Florencia Colombo; reflections on accessible design and the need for greater diversity; a study of chronological curation and the problems therein; a journey through digital interfaces and robotic sneaker production with Kram/Weisshaar; a critique of digital furniture and the NFT boom; a visit to Lehrer Architects’ tiny home village for LA’s unhoused; an assessment of FinTech and “democratic” interface design; a new way to design around ageing, with Tom and Will Butterfield; and an architecture field trip into Naypyidaw, Myanmar’s vast military capital.

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