Desired Landscapes #2


Desired Landscapes – A Magazine Reading into Cities, is a pocket-sized collection of person-to-place bonds, urban observations and poetic snapshots, seen through the eyes of people who write the stories of today’s cities.

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Every issue of Desired Landscapes could be seen as a city guide which reflects upon the representations of the urban experience. A collection of postcards depicting distant theres – unvisited or perhaps unforgettable; of projections of possible homes, streets yet to be discovered and urban clichés to be demystified.

Issue 2 takes us:
  • From Alexandria’s fading old storefronts to Hong Kong’s disappearing neon streetscape.
  • From rainy Walden 7 in Barcelona to Oneiric Concrete Islands.
  • From the off-the-tourist-radar Capital Petrolera to highly iconic t-shirts welcoming us to Italy.
  • We walk in Zurich only from memory and analyze codes of navigation tested in Rotterdam.
  • We wander in Grande Motte and black and white Florence.
  • We wish for a modern house in Athens, explore a cat building in Berlin and look for camouflaged signs of signals in Kuwait.
  • We dive to a city guide archive spanning from the 30s to the 90s and observe typography typologies of France.
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