Crotch #7


From the makers of TheMostBeautifulManInTheWorld comes Crotch, a mens underwear and swimwear magazine, featuring beautiful men, bodies and sexual liberation.

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Crotch Magazine 236 Pages. ( AS THICK AS EVER!)

Covers featuring:

  • YUVAL by Eden Yerushalmy
  • DMITRY AVERYANOV by Amer Mohamad
  • RICH + TREVOR by Pisces Dreams
  • PAKZ by Christian Vermaak
  • RAYAN + CYRIL by Alexis Robardet

Underwear and swimwear, on beautiful men, featuring their bodies and sexual liberation.

Please note: You can state your cover preference in the order notes at checkout and, if available, we will send that one.

Warning: This magazine contains nudity. A little more than usual!

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