Club Sandwich #4 – Chocolate


Each issue of Club Sandwich is focused on one type of food and its representation in culture and society, and proposes to treat it in various and eclectic aspects. History, sociology, anthropology, economy, politics, culture and art are thus summoned in a staggered way.

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Did you know: That most chocolate desserts are inspired by landscapes? That the former Ukrainian president is a Machiavellian chocolate baron? That white chocolate is, above all, a matter of social class? That chocolate can be enjoyed following the same principles of oenology? That many soldiers have chocolate in their ration packs, but for different reasons in various countries? That there are hundreds of unique Kit Kat flavors in Japan? Or that the world economy has always been closely tied to chocolate?
>>> more than 20 articles devoted to chocolate, highlighted by the works of sixty+ artists

With: Clémence Artur, David Avazzadeh, Roca Balboa, Claire Baldeck, Sharmila Banerjee, Mélissa Blanco, Jean-Baptiste Bonaventure, Elvire Bonduelle, Leïla Boutaam, Anna Broujean, Emmanuel Chirache, Alexander Coggin, Beryl Cook, Dom, Al and Tom Curtis, Parker Day, Mathilde Duraz, Eli Durst, Etrone, Erma Fiend, Brian Galderisi, Robin Garnier, Louis Gary, Lucile Gauvain, Benji Geisler, Jacob Gole, Daniel Gordon, GRODUK & BOUCAR, Émilie Jouan, Delphine Hennelly, Susanna Hofer, Xam van Kempen, Justine Knapp, Johann Koop, Andrew LaMar Hopkins, Pia-Mélissa Laroche, Oh de Laval, Raphaël Lugassy, Chris Maggio, Chase Middleton, Martin Mihál, Anna Mond, Pierre Monjaret, Rebecca Morgan, Flora Mottini, Louise Mutrel, Jonny Negron, Nicolas Nicolini, Marcus Oakley, James Ostrer, GaHee Park, Camille Paulhan, Holly Pilot, Clara Prioux, Mel Ramos, Charlie Roberts, Marie Saraiva, Adelina Sasnauskaité, Reza Shafahi, Jim Shaw, David Shrigley, Monsengo Shula, Elena Subach, Breanne Trammell, Jennifer Trieu, Lisa Vaccino, Diana Lynn VanderMeulen, Paul Waak, Niki Williams, Paul Windle, Karolina Wojtas

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