Cercle #6 – Dreams


Cercle is an independent and annual magazine devoted to one theme. Cercle attempts to gather information on the topic and to provide a support that promotes contemporary art , culture, design and science.

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Interviews: Philippe Ramette, visual artist, Cédric Yvinec, anthropologist, Priya Sundaravalli, Auroville resident, Romain Meffre and Yves Marchand, photographers

Portfolio: Ori Toor (Israel), Kazuhiro Hori (Japan), Reine Paradis (France), Clayton Woodley (USA), Minoru Nomata (Japan), Petros Koublis (Greece), Kevin Lucbert (France), Xiaoxiao Xu (China), Nick Hannes (Belgium), Craig Burrows (USA)

Font design: Mirage by Thierry Fétiveau

Selection: Harry Gruyaert, Little Nemo, Vincent Grégoire, Fuga_Officina dell’Architettura, Dream Magazine, G.Kero, Bastien Lallemant, Cthulhu, Robert Wilson, Michel Jouvet, Kohei Nawa, André Breton, Nicolas Bruno, Simon Garcia, Ofra Lapid, Gregory Crewdson, Tomas Saraceno…
Contributors: Estelle Fort, Léo Puel, Emilie Fernandez, Alexandre Rochon, Perrine Lotiron, Thomas Lacroix, Agata Felluga, Verene de Hutten, Alexis Gunkel, studio petit martin, Marion Cole

Partners: Arte, LISAA Strasbourg, ESAD Valenciennes, Ne Rien Faire, DRAC

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