Cacao Magazine #3


Cacao Magazine is the first international print magazine fully dedicated to craft chocolate. Brought to you by the amazing chocolate makers, bloggers, farmers, writers, illustrators and enthusiasts all over the world who make up this fascinating, delicious and up and coming industry.

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What to Expect in Issue THREE:

  • Topic: Women in Chocolate
  • Las Mujeres de Cacao A stunning photo-essay by Michelle Renée Baldovin
  • Women: The Secret Ingredient for a Living Wage by Kim Wilson
  • Sponsor: Canadian Chocoholic, the Chocolate Goldsmith with Cyndi Clement
  • The Peace Crop by Ruby Willow
  • Recipe by Sue Quinn
  • Where is a Woman’s Place, in chocolate? Featuring Sue Quinn, Jeanne Donkoh, Emily Stone, Dennise Valencia, Hanbin Paek, Corinne Joachim Sanon Symietz, Petra Arias, Estela Duque, Lauren Heineck, Maria Maiskaya
  • Baking with Single-Origin Chocolate by Victoria Cooksey
  • Chocolate Landscapes by Nicole Hewat
  • Femme de Virunga: The Power of Chocolate by Lukas Reinhardt & Ruby Willow
  • Poison Your Lover With Chocolate (And Other Advice From 17th-Century Witches) by Megan Giller
  • How to Host a Cacao Ceremony by Jordan Cohayney
  • Whisky & Chocolate by R. M. Peluso
  • Meet the Makers: Nigeria to Norway an interview with Pod Chocolate and Fjåk
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