Brand #55 – Designer vs. Foreign Typeface


BranD defines a new way to look into Communication Design by presenting, researching and manifesting excellent works amongst Visual Art, Advertising, Product, Graphic, Interior, Architecture, etc.

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Come and Wrestle, Designer vs. Foreign Typeface

Come and Wrestle Round 2 After the publication of BranD Issue 54 whose theme is Come and Wrestle: Designer vs. Hanzi, we came up with the idea to have interviews with designers from different cities around the world based on our extensive research and new understanding on foreign typefaces for the layout of magazine. We learned that type design is challenging no matter in which script through the detailed and meticulous responses of interviewees, and there is always a story about type design behind the design. Designer needs to take various problems into consideration during the type design process. Each effort is like an attack. Perseverance is the most basic principle for designer no matter the project is simple or complicated, so I think that type design presents a sportsmanship. Selling Points: 1. BranD has invited 9 type designers from all over the world to discuss the potential principles of type design and the development status of type design in different countries. 2. BranD has invited Yoshihisa Shirai, the designer of the well-known magazine IDEA, to discuss in detail the relationship between the typesetting rules and the practical design, so as to solve problems designers often encounter in their practical operations. He also provided some suggestions on font combination. 3. BranD analyzed the roles played by typefaces in different application scenes through 55 excellent global projects relating to the design and application of typeface, and hopes to inspire readers. 4. It took 10 months to deliberate and refine the content and construct of this issue from the planning stage to final publication, so as to present the best content to readers. 5. BranD chose silver mirror card as the cover paper and presented the BranD logo by integrating the features of this issue. 6. Ribbons corresponding to the color of each chapter are attached to each magazine as a gift. Inspired by the ticket of wrestling match, BranD created an atmosphere of “going to watch a wrestling match” through the label which was designed as a ticket.

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