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Illustration for Tomorrow: A Research Report about Illustrators

Nowadays, as a form of art, illustration has broken through the sole structure of publishing media and been widely applied into a variety of media as well as different fields of business. Various types of illustration gradually come into public view. Illustrator is a job and also a choice of career. No matter what illustrators have been through, out of vocation, entertainment or personal interest, they continue to create with their unique style. The group of illustrators has expanded worldwide.

Although we are attracted by numerous illustrations, there still lacks works that know how to tell a story, in the field of graphic design. Hence, being able to create a good storytelling work remains a challenge for illustrators. Right now, you might think of the importance of illustration style, which in fact is something influenced by the aesthetic standard of different ages. So I think it’s more important for illustrators to be passionate about creation. When there is enough practice, the illustration style would naturally appear.
In the future, what should the illustrators create to impress the audiences? Hopefully this new issue will bring some answers to you. Go and check out their story!

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