Brand #41 – Infographics Communication


BranD defines a new way to look into Communication Design by presenting, researching and manifesting excellent works amongst Visual Art, Advertising, Product, Graphic, Interior, Architecture, etc.

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Infograhics Communication: Your Infographics Times

This is a world with constantly mutative information. People in various areas have been looking for more unique ways to show data and express the validness, accuracy of information and the fascination of design. This is a great task. Probing into the topic of this issue, we are looking forward to fostering little changes.

Highlights of This Issue:
1.Exclusive Interviews with Great Designers: Kenya Hara, Yoshihisa Shirai, Yoshiaki Irobe and Shin Hamana
2.Crossover Cooperation: Artworks of famous visual artist and designer, AGI member Paul Cox be published on BranD’s cover
3.Print Technique: first time to adopt three dimensional images to reveal the print technique
4.Famous Cartoon Character Miffy Album
5.A Complimentary Gift: a piece of lovely infographics poster featuring cat care

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