Bilde Paper #1


Bilde Paper is a new bi-annual print media project from Western Australia. An exploration through the interconnected cultures and sub-cultures of skateboarding.

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Bilde Paper 1 features 8 conversations with skateboarders, photographers, film-makers and artists focusing on a variety of skateboarding related topics. Volume 1 of Bilde Paper is a very limited run of 1,000 copies designed and printed in Australia.

Tobin Yelland, Kaloe Kaaikala, Takahiro Morita, Ardalan Tahvildari, Alex Campbell, Josh Stewart and Ben Hermans.

Intros of articles
Californian skate photographer Tobin Yelland in conversation with writer Aymeric Nocus:
Talking about photographing San Fransisco’s blooming skate scene in the 90s and John Cardiel’s never-ending energy.

Hawaiian born, Melbourne based artist Kaloe Kaaikala in conversation with Diane Inc’s Matthew Ware:
Talking Flickr romance and how art inspires his skateboarding and vice versa.

Japanese skateboarding legend Takahiro Morita in conversation with nomadic photographer Liu Puli:
Talking the importance of speed in skateboarding and the reason why he only ever tries to document a trick once.

Iranian skateboarder Ardalan Tahvildari in conversation with Bilde editor James Whineray:
Talking Iran’s burgeoning skate scene and the difficulty of buying new skate gear.

Australian skateboarder, and father of three, Alex Campbell in conversation with Keegan Walker from Hoddle Skateboards:
Talking choosing a family lifestyle over a pro-skateboarder’s lifestyle and how he keeps it fun.

Floridian filmmaker Josh Stewart in conversation with filmmaker Josh Roberts:
Talking skate spots at Area 51, producing his first Static films and why there’s so much vert skating in his early productions.

Melbournian Ben Hermans in conversation with writer and skateboarder Morgan Campbell:
Talking his first D.I.Y projects that have led him to travelling the world and building skateparks in underdeveloped nations.

Ohioan skateboarder Al Davis in conversation with photography curator Jack Pam:
Talking street photography and growing up in between New York and Cincinnati.


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