Beauty Papers #4


A creative biannual about the culture of beauty.



Beauty Papers faces up to the complexities and culture of modern beauty in a freestyle commentary of wit, intellect, curiosity and insanity that sets out to inspire and unchain beauty from its formulaic shackles. A salute to uniqueness rather than conformity: individuality over predictability.

Issue 4 curiously is an ode to etiquette. Something that upon the surface may seem redundant in this age? Looking closer at the ceremony and process, questioning the notions of ‘request’
or ‘imposition’ and exploring customs that have been implemented over centuries, the communal rules embedded among us, governing how we perceive beauty, are revealed in the harsh light of day.

Contributors include:  Elliott Erwitt, Odile Gilbert, Jake Chapman, Julia Hetta, Rudi Lewis, Charlie Engman, Marton Perlaki, Greta Ilieva, Benjamin Vnuk, Christiaan, Malcolm Edwards and Gary Card among others

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