Athleta #6


Athleta is a photographic magazine of timeless sports. It tells stories about culture and passion for sport through images and short texts, in both english and italian.

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The cover by Tobias Volkmann introduces us to the all-girls world of the Panthers Cheerleading Club, in a small Bavarian town. As well as, to the Islamic world of AMAR, a women’s rugby team in Marrakech. We are then catapulted to Matera to see free running amongst the Sassi, then on to a thrilling ride in the Mexican lands of the Jaripeo, over to an impassive journey in the perverse paradise of armoury, and followed by the elegant setting of the pilota, a traditional Valencian game. This issue also features an equine odyssey in ancient India, and a colourful look at the cycling tribe of the Vuelta.

Contributors: Alvaro Embid, Andrea Vailetti, Daniel Belet, Fika Estudio, Francesco Costantino Ciampa, Gianmarco Pacione, Jack Fleming, Jean-Marc Caimi, Jennifer Osborne, Jorge Gil, Laura Stella Motta, Lorenzo Fabiano, Margareth Gaspàr, Oliver Cable, Rise Up Duo, Tobias Volkmann, Valentina Piccinni.

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