Athleta #3


Athleta is a photographic magazine of timeless sports. It tells stories about culture and passion for sport through images and short texts, in both english and italian.

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– He’s got hands
– A racing heart
– The movement of the sea
– The man don’t give a fuck
– Cricket and Cali
– My own private Arcadia
– The motion hunters
– The way of the Sword
– Dive through
– Home is Venice
– A personal revolution

CONTRIBUTORS ISSUE 03: Alessandro Simonetti, Alice Figini, Chiara Tenderini, Chloe Olewitz, Damon Loble, David Ryle, Elena Zorzi, Francesca Occhi, Francesco Costantino Ciampa, Gemma Fletcher, Giovanni Gallio, Giuseppe Ippolito, James Cannon, Jeremy Jackson, Margareth Gaspàr, Matteo Fontana, Mauro Farina, Oliver Cable, Sara Capovilla, Sarah Brown, Stefania Tessari.

TRANSLATIONS: Peter Mead, Madison Solow, Chiara Tenderini

GRAPHICS: Alessandra Pavan

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