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The Frozen Volume

The Frozen Volume steps out and embraces the cold. It discovers how extreme conditions can foster community, unity and togetherness, and how our passion for outdoor pursuits can empower us to face the elements. It uncovers the resilience and ingenuity of communities that have prevailed in some of the planet’s most hostile environments, and how living in these enchanting yet unforgiving places has shaped their worldview. It explores the threats faced by frozen landscapes around the globe as the impacts of climate change become increasingly evident, and, crucially, this volume celebrates these unique icy regions in the hope that we may feel driven to preserve them for future generations.

This volume includes

• The Frozen Landscape: Observing nature’s cycles and the opportunities the colder season brings.
• Långfärdsskridsko: The art and beauty of Nordic skating.
• The Last of the Snowshoe Makers: One man’s adventure to collect the world’s most comprehensive collection of snowshoes.
• The Weather Report: Enduring the seasons and tending to a weather station in the remote wilds of Iceland.
• Changing Times: Norway’s complex relationship with climate change.
• The Fight to Save the Last of Britain’s Wildcats: Welfare-driven conservation to protect the Scottish wildcat.
• Kalaallit Nunaat – The Land of the People: A culture founded on spirituality and traditional technologies.
• The Adventure Race: The toughest cross-country ski race in the world and its story of community, unity, and togetherness.
• Dissonance in the Wilderness: How our selective memories can infuse our expectations and frame our relationship with the outdoors.
• Of the Last Equatorial Glaciers: Understanding the plight of equatorial glaciers whilst climbing Africa’s second tallest mountain, Mount Kenya.
• The Art of Preservation: The role of artistry in creating awareness of climate change.
• Under the Ice: The responsibilities of a modern-day explorer and the value of solo adventure in the Arctic.

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