Aesthetica #86


Aesthetica is an art and culture magazine that covers photography, visual art, music, film and theatre.

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Within the same breath, I marvel at what technology has done for us and how it has transformed the ways in which we live. I have a two-year-old daughter and the thought of having to go to the bank to withdraw money, drive to the supermarket and then do the shopping seems a million miles away. The time I get back through online commerce is revolutionary and almost priceless, and for that I am grateful. Still, it has been months since I even set foot in a shop, and there’s also something a little strange about that fact too. 

This issue is very special; through our features and editorials we are diving into bigger subjects head on; Lust for Light looks at the technical and philosophical meaning of light art as a medium in its own right. We also highlight the 2018 Foam Talent Call, which includes 20 photographers you should know. Meanwhile, Phaidon’s Living in the Desert surveys buildings in some of the most inhospitable landscapes on earth. 

In photography, we present seven outstanding practitioners whose works are redefining genre. Architecture, immersive design and portraiture are included, traversing fine art, CGI and fashion. Finally, Gabrielle Motola discusses collaborative inspiration and the essence of the road trip.

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