212 Magazine #9


212 Magazine is a large-format international biannual magazine based in Istanbul.
It’s a publication about art and society and each issue will tackle various universal subjects within a distinct theme, through long-form writing, short fiction, photo essays and interviews.

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Diversity Now issue

For this issue, we imagined a world in which the barriers and obstacles set by human decisions, and memories imposed on others, are rendered inconspicuous. From the colourful Balogun Street Market in Nigeria to the Kigurumi costumed characters of Japan, we explore different stories and horizons on topics such as gender fluidity, LGBTQI+ rights and racial representation.


Maybe so, Maybe no – Fashion story by Marc Hibbert, styling by Benoît Bèthume.
I Can Make You Feel Good: A Black Utopia – A Photo essay by Tyler Mitchell.
Rainbow Amidst Chaos in Balogun – A photo essay by Lorenzo Vitturi, text by Eda Doğançay.
United Colors of Toscani – Interview with Oliviero Toscani, by Elif Bereketli.
The Joy of Missing Out – Fashion story by Annie Lai, styling by Konca Aykan.
Where Love Is Illegal – A photo-documentary by Robin Hammond, text by Onur Uygun.
The Last Birds – A short story by Sait Faik Abasıyanık.
Local Issues of A Surreal Nature– A photo essay by Scarlett Hooft Graafland, text by Özge Akkaya.
Desire: Patti x Robert – Interview with Lloyd Ziff, words by Alper Bahçekapılı.
Film Noir in New York – A photo essay by Bruce Gilden.
A 21st Century Masquerade – A photo essay by Laurie Simmons.
Standing At The Threshold of The Other – Text by Yelta Köm.
Starting Over and Beyond: Animals, Boundaries and a Post-Human World – Interview by İlksen Mavituna and a philosophical essay by Oxana Timofeeva.
Nowhere – Body – Here – A photo essay by İnci Eviner.

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