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212 Magazine #8


212 Magazine is a large-format international biannual magazine based in Istanbul.
It’s a publication about art and society and each issue will tackle various universal subjects within a distinct theme, through long-form writing, short fiction, photo essays and interviews.

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The Guilt Issue

Instead of focusing on our history of bloody crimes, we chose to explore the personal codes and expressions associated with environmental issues and guilt, in this era defined by humanity’s actions – the Anthropocene. Building on the concept of guilt, we take a closer look at our relationship with life, emotions, nature and animals.


Out to Play – A photo essay by Ouka Leele, text by Damla Kellecioğlu.
Left Alive – Fashion Story and art direction by Szilveszter Makó, styling by Siyan Chen.
No More Excuses – Interview with Massimo Bottura by Merve Arkunlar.
Tranquil Stories With a Sense of Eeriness – A photo essay by Ellen Kooi, text by Itır Yıldız.
What Would a Non-Humancentric World Look Like? – Interview with Nicolas Bourriaud, photography by Muhsin Akgün.
Boltin Reality at a Gallop – A photo essay by Ekin Çekiç, winner of the 212 Photography Competition 2019, text by Evrim Altuğ.
Be, Kind, Rewind… Lost World – Interview with Paolo di Paolo, by Merve Arkunlar.
Besieged by Fear – Artist Porfolio of Mircea Suciu, text by Yiğit Tuna.
S O L U S – Fashion story by Alexandra von Fuerst, styling by Konca Aykan.
Hulk’s Toys – A photo essay by Tommaso Barsali, text by Onur Aymete.
Evolution of a Breakup – Short story by Etgar Keret, artwork by Nataliya Turnova.
Courageous Colours and Stripes – Interview with Angela Missoni, photography by Aslı Türker.
Cities & Desires – A photo essay by Nick Hannes, text by Onur Uygun.
Yellow – Short story by Sema Kaygusuz, translation by Maureen Freely, artwork by Jenni Hiltunen.

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