Dazed & Confused – Autumn 2017


Founded by prodigious photographer Rankin and writer and cultural enthusiast Jefferson Hack, and taking its name (and freewheeling spirit) from the classic Led Zeppelin song, Dazed & Confused started life as a limited-run fold-out poster in 1992.


Probing at the furthest-flung corners of the imagination, the autumn issue of Dazed features a cast of cultural figures who light up the dark.

Celebrating a newfound optimism that is both personal and political, Björk unveils her blueprint for a new utopia as she discusses her ecstatic new album. Also on the covers, Bill Skarsgård delivers a masterclass in terror in a cult remake to remember, taking on Stephen King’s most iconic creation in this year’s biggest horror, Andrés Muschietti’s It.

Also boldly going where other actors fear to tread, Marine Vacth explores the dark side of sexuality in François Ozon’s psychological thriller L’Amant Double. Completing our spellbinding set of covers,

model of the moment Sara Grace Wallerstedt applies magical thinking to a shoot by Jack Davison.

The Covers

Björk: Pop’s most singular voice gets back to supernature in a breathtaking shoot from Jesse Kanda – and exclusively reveals how her new album strives for a new paradise

Bill Skarsgård: Anyone for a balloon? Lensed by Walter Pfeiffer, the Swedish screen villain delivers a career-defining performance as Pennywise the Clown in the highly anticipated new remake of It

Marine Vacth: In Cannes smash L’Amant Double, the young actress takes on her most daring role to date – shot by Robi Rodriguez, she reveals the strength that allows her to fearlessly bring on-screen sexuality to new places

Sara Grace Wallerstedt: Jack Davison captures the enigmatic appeal of the Texan model star in a shoot sprinkled with black magic

The Features

LCD Soundsystem: Call the police! In an exclusive interview, James Murphy sounds off about the righteous return of a dance-punk phenomenon

It Kids: Hanging out in the suburbs, the close-knit cast of It talk bonding through terror in a killer-clown remake you’ll see once and never again

Louis Garrel: The brooding screen star talks taking on a French icon in a playful new biopic of Jean-Luc Godard

Bruce LaBruce: Raiding his personal archive of pics, the skinflick supremo gives an exclusive glimpse into his hell-raising world

Vince Staples: The hip hop star swims against the tide with his genre-fusing masterstroke Big Fish Theory

Campbell Addy: The photographic polymath shines a light on the young creatives firing his inclusive vision

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