365 Typo – Vol 2


365 stories on type, typography and graphic design. 365typo develops the original idea of bringing together some of the greatest experts in the field and using their enthusiasm to help promote typography and graphic design.

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The second volume of 365typo is a follow-up to the book’s successful 2015 debut. Throughout the year the editors collected interesting stories that they have recast into a new, exquisite 320-page publication. Inside you’ll find 365 stories contributed by over 80 renowned authors about typography, visual communication, and type and graphic design (plus one extra story for the 2016 leap year) from all over the world.

To improve navigation, the 365 stories in 365typo vol. 2 about everyday life with typography and graphic design are divided into 12 chapters, reflecting the main themes in the industry from May 2015–May 2016 and guiding readers through the labyrinth of events, trends and ideas.

Since the editors know how important personal experience is, for the second volume of 365typo they have decided to primarily give space to eyewitnesses and stories from those who experienced them first-hand. Within the pages you’ll find essays written by industry leaders, a jury selection of 50 noteworthy typefaces of 2015, the most relevant type and design conferences, competitions and projects, the most interesting new logos and rebranding efforts, new book reviews, as well as a look back on the important people we have recently lost.

As with last year, not all of the stories could make it into the book. You can find the rest online. A new story is added every day.

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